Georgetown and South Park Green Walls

Living green walls or vertical gardens have a number of ecosystem benefits such as reducing urban heat island effects, improving air and water quality, helping to offset our carbon footprint, and providing therapeutic benefits for people through exposure to artful vegetation. Dirt Corps has installed green walls on E Marginal Way in Georgetown, and a series of stand alone walls at the South Park Public Library. More recently, in partnership with Metis Construction, Inc and Equinox Studios, new green walls were installed at MiniMart City Park on Ellis Avenue South and at the River City Skate Park on S Carleton St.

St. Benedict's Catholic Church

St. Benedict’s Catholic Church is a multi-phase big roof RainWise project that has served as a training and development site for many Dirt Corps members. To date, three rain gardens and ten cisterns have been installed on the large campus. These features manage 147,000 gallons of stormwater annually. Next up is a series of rain gardens and a de-pave project, which will bring runoff from 8000 sf of roof area to green infrastructure!