Dirt Corps is a collaborative team of professionals and community partners working together to increase access to green jobs and to foster healthy communities. Our work provides skilled landscape consultation, including design/build, with an equally important goal of sharing our trade with others in our region interested in restoration and green infrastructure.

As a team, we are both a well trained partnership of tradespeople, and a collective of mentors and teachers. Through hands-on training with a focus on rain garden and cistern design/build, operations and maintenance, vegetation management, and ecological restoration, we aim to pass on our strategies to others in a growing field of green jobs.

In 2015, Dirt Corps began as a community partnership program to provide on-the-job training for adult workers, specifically encouraging women, people of color, LGBT folks, and veterans to enroll. Training provides an acceleration of skills to build confidence in leadership that reflects the diversity of South Seattle, including Latinos, veterans, and under or unemployed people.

Dirt Corps is a licensed and bonded company continues to provide the training opportunities developed by the DIRT Corps program, with a new avenue of design/build services for private and government clients.

We want to thank our partners, champions, and clients in their support as we continue to grow and develop